Cocoa Brownie Pieces – 6mm chunks

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Cocoa brownie pieces are approximately 6mm irregular squares that have an intense flavour that is a smooth flavour of chocolate with bitter notes without being overly sweet. They are ideal for a wide range of applications such as a topper or inclusion for ice cream, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, cakes. Cocoa brownie pieces are ready to eat, so you can just eat the pieces as a sweet treat.

Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Humectant: glycerol, Sunflower Oil, Wheat Starch, Cream Powder, Coconut Oil, Glucose Syrup, Salt.
Allergen Information
Contains: Wheat, Dairy and Lactose

Nutritional Information (per 100g):
Energy: 478.96 Kcal

(of which are sugar):



Protein: 6.2g
Fibre: 4.7g

(of which saturates):



Salt: 0.2g

The actual caloric value and nutritional content may deviate from the declared values due to natural and production-related or processing related fluctuations (acc. To regulation (EU) 1169/2011 Art. 31)

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