Freeze Dried Fruit Multipack – Strawberry Pieces, Raspberry Pieces, Mango Pieces


A multipack of freeze dried fruits that compliment each other beautifully, whether you use them together or on their own you will not be disappointed.

Contains the following products:

1 x 15g Strawberry Pieces
Freeze Dried Strawberry pieces have a strong sweet strawberry flavour with candy notes and an initial crunch. Great for adding bursts of flavour in your breakfast cereals, baking and desserts.

1 x 15g Raspberry Pieces
With a rich plum colour, intense sweet acidic raspberry flavour and amazing crunchy texture Raspberry pieces add a whole new dimension to your favourite desserts. Sprinkle on ice cream, cheescakes, trifles, well on just about anything!

1x 15g Mango Pieces
Our freeze dried mango pieces are sweet and fruity with a delicate subtle melt-in-the-mouth texture. The exotic mango freshness as been preserved through our freeze drying process which means it is ideal for sprinkling on top of your breakfast cereal/porridge, baked goods, smoothies, drinks and more.

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