Customer Reviews

Absolutely loved the quality of products. Variety of good products available at a reasonable price. Highly recommended. Their freeze dried fruit and flavours & extract range is really good. And not to forget excellent customer service 🙂

Deepti / Via Google

I have tried a variety of different Honey Berry products in my cooking and baking. The products are fantastic from the flavourings and extracts to the freeze-dried fruit, all high quality and taste amazing!!

Katie Coates / Via Google

Decided to make my own granola and recreate one of my big brand favourites adding freeze dried blackcurrants and raspberry pieces. What a result best granola ever, have reduced sugar content and save money

Deb Green / Via Facebook

Excellent service & the products are superb.

Lisa Douglas / Via Facebook

fantastic fresh produce and just so tasty!

Lindy Gabriel / Via Facebook

I have used a few flavourings from Honeyberry International. Great service and products. Highly recommend

Jo Whittaker / Via Google