Freeze Dried Pineapple Tidbits

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Freeze Dried Pineapple Tidbits. Light yellow colour and intense sweet sharp pineapple flavour. No added ingredients, just 100% fruit. Super healthy and very very tasty. Very long shelf life stored air tight.

Freeze Dried Pineapple Tidbits have a sweet, sharp flavour and are light in colour. Ripe in season pineapple which have been freeze dried to < 5% moisture. The very low temperatures used in this process maintain the fruits colour, flavour and nutritional values.

Suggested uses for freeze dried fruit are: Macaroons, Cake inclusions, Frostings, Ice-cream, Icings, Fudges, Meringues, Decorative sprinkles on desserts and baked goods, Yogurt, Chocolate, Milkshakes, Smoothies, Cocktails, Breakfast Cereals, Fruit Tea, Snacking/grazing.

Freeze Dried Pineapple Tidbits 100% Natural, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly, No Added Sugar (100g) Freeze Dried Pineapple (100%) No Genetic Engineering, No artificial colours, No artificial flavour, No preservatives, Alcohol Free

Freeze Dried Pineapple

Ready to eat. Once opened store in a cool, dry place in an air tight container.

No additives or preservatives

Nutritional Information (per 100g):
Moisture: < 5%
Finest Content: < TBC
Energy: 1459kj / 350kcal

(of which are sugar):



Protein: 2.6g
Fats: 1.3g
Saturated fat: 0.1g
Total Dietary Fibre: TBC
Sodium: TBC
Salt: 0.02g

The actual caloric value and nutritional content may deviate from the declared values due to natural and production-related or processing related fluctuations (acc. To regulation (EU) 1169/2011 Art. 31)

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