Summer Fruit Mix – Raspberry Pieces, Strawberry Pieces, Whole Blueberries

Specification Sheet


A Blend of complimentary fruits that have been freeze dried. Containing Raspberry pieces, Strawberry pieces and Whole blueberries – No added ingredients, just 100% fruit. -Super healthy and very very tasty. -Very long shelf life stored air tight. A bright, summery combination of berries. The very low temperatures used in this process maintain the fruits colour, flavour and nutritional values. Suggested uses for freeze dried fruit are: Macaroons Cake inclusions Frostings Ice-cream Icings Fudges Meringues Decorative sprinkles on desserts and baked goods Yogurt Chocolate Milk shakes Smoothies.
Freeze dried Raspberry, Freeze dried Strawberry, Freeze dried bluberries
Ready to eat. Once opened store in a cool, dry place in a air tight container.

No additives or preservatives

Nutritional Information (per 100g):
Moisture: < 5%
Fines content: < 1mm Max 6.66%
Energy: 1340kj / 315kcal

(of which are sugar):



Protein: 6.5g
Fats: 3.51g
of which Sat Fat: 0.28g
Fibre: 22.36g
Minerals: 2.6g
Sodium: 0.01g
Salt: 0.02g
Org. Acids: 7.6g

The actual caloric value and nutritional content may deviate from the declared values due to natural and production-related or processing related fluctuations (acc. To regulation (EU) 1169/2011 Art. 31)

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